Cake Feeders



Cake Feeders


Bar Six feed dispensers will

save time, money and labor.

A long lasting product, that

is economically priced and

extremely versatile.

Bar Six Feeders designed to

dispense feed

supplements of whole grain,

range cubes, feed pellets and

other feed.

These mobile feeders will


feed for a variety of Livestock.

Counters are also available

to proportion feed.

Model Size A B C
Model B 800 Pounds 28" 33" 65"
Model C 1200 Pounds 30" 37" 65"
Model D 1800 Pounds 40" 45" 65"
Model E 2500 Pounds 44" 56" 65"
Model F 3200 Pounds 50" 60" 65"

All models are made of 16 gauge sheet iron,

3/16 x 1½ angle iron, 4” auger, adjustable

V-auger cover, 12 volt motor, 10” pulley, rubber belt,

electric cords, solenoid and toggle

switch are all standard equipment. All feeders are

easy to install on all pickups or ATV’s. All

feed dispensers are primed and painted white.

Cow Country has

spare parts for your