Cow Country calf tables are the best on the market and the easiest to use! We encourage you to talk with your

neighbors who own one of our tables so that you can hear first hand that they are the best.





Since sometimes it's hard to find people to help with branding, or maybe you only have a few head, a calf table can be a useful tool to help you. It only requires one person to operate, and is very easy to use. It gives the user easy access to all areas of the calf, while keeping it in a secure position.











When the calf enters into the chute, close both bars down tightly.  Once the bars are secure, pull down on the bars to tip the calf over. Now they are ready for branding, vaccinating, or anything else that needs to be done.









Branding is made easy with a calf table, because the calf is pinned down tightly and all areas are exposed for easy access. There are no bars to get in the way. Our table is designed for only one side to move up and down to make it less stressful on the worker.












Is your brand on the right side instead of the left? No problem! The table can convert from left to right in just a few minutes.










With our optional calf cage, one calf can be ready to go at all times. Our no back keeps the calf secure in the cage. Nobody is needed to hold the calf in place. The calf pusher is free to do other things.